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Here is Your Ez Auto Loan Calculator.

Calculate Your Monthly Car Payment on EZ Auto Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly car payment on this page, “Calculate Car Payment.” It is very easy to do! All you have to do is enter in the amount of money you are going to borrow or are thinking about borrowing, the interest rate at which you believe you will be able to get a loan, or at which think you can get a loan. Then, enter in the number of months or years over which you will be spreading the payments of your car loan. This is a very easy to use and convenient part of the EZ Auto Loan Calculators car payment calculator. Here’s how it works:

The “Length of Loan” box special feature

If you enter a number higher than 10, the calculator assumes you are entering a number and months. This is very handy because some car loans are not made paid over an even number of years. There is such thing as a 50 month car loan. Also, you may want to find out what your monthly payment will be if you would like to pay your car off ahead of schedule.

For instance, you may have secured a five-year loan, but you would like to pay it off in two and a half years. Since five years is equal to 60 months 2 1/2 years is equal to 30 months. So in this case, you would enter 30 into the “Length of Loan” box. There are several other reasons you may want to enter months in the “Length of Loan box;” this is just one of them.

Up to 10 Means Years, More Than 10 Means You Are Entering Months

However, if you simply want to calculate the car payment for an even number of years, enter this number in the “Length of Loan” box. The calculator assumes you will not be getting a loan of longer than 10 years. Therefore, 10 is the highest number you will be able to enter into the box and still have the calculator calculate for this number of years.

So far, we have never seen where this would be a problem since car loans of longer than 10 years are unheard of. Still, it is a very handy feature to be able to calculate car payments of different amounts of months simply because you may want to calculate a car payment for paying off a car ahead of schedule. To us, this is a very important feature!

Your Monthly Payment

The calculator will calculate the amount of the monthly payment without adding anything such as insurance or extended warranties or anything of this nature onto your payment . The amount that is calculated in the “amount of monthly payment” box is simply the amount you will pay to your lending institution for paying back principal and interest on the loan.

How Much You Have Actually Paid

Finally, the final box shows you how much money you will have paid in total after you have paid off the car loan in full and according to the schedule with your payments being on time. From looking at the total in this box you will be able to determine how much money you will be shelling out above the amount you have paid for the car. The extra amount is, of course, money paid for interest.


Amount of Money Being Borrowed
(Please don’t include commas) $

Interest rate of the Car Loan %

Length of Loan (Enter in Years or Months)
Note, if Number is 10 or Less,
it Will be Calculated as Years.
If Number is Higher Than 10,
It Will Be Calculated as Months
(So, for a 50 Month Loan, Enter 50,
For a 5 Year Loan, Enter 5)

Enter values in the three boxes above.
Box below will be calculated.

Amount of monthly payment $

Total Amount Paid After Making Every Payment When Due $


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